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How to Change Facebook Password 2020 [iPhone and Android]

How to Change Facebook Password 2020

Facebook is one of the most use of social media platforms. It is a great source to stay updated with the latest news and information. It has millions of active users every day. Moreover, security is super essential for any social media account. And, the password is the only way to keep your account safe. As it has a lot of ofo users, we can have a lot of ways to change the password of your Facebook account. I will show the complete detail on How to Change Facebook Password 2020 [iPhone and Android]

Further, you can change your Facebook account from any device. For example, Apple, Android, Webbrowser, or you can as well change from your PC. It is super easy to change it from any device.

If you are using any of the platforms, the procedure is almost similar in all platforms. So, we will show you all the procedures step by step below. You just need to follow the following steps.

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How to Change Facebook Password 2020 [iPhone and Android]

Change Facebook password in Android

Firstly, we will change the Facebook password in Android. As most of the people use Android devices  And, they may have a problem while changing their Facebook password.

Now follow the steps below to change the password from the Android operating system.

Step1. Click on the Facebook app on your phone and click on three-lines on the top right corner.

How to Change Facebook Password 2020 [iPhone and Android]
Tap on three-lines
Step2, Scroll down and find settings & privacy among all the options. And, tap on settings.

How to Change Facebook Password 2020 [iPhone and Android]
settings & privacy
Step3. Further, you get the option of security and login. tap on it.

How to Change Facebook Password 2020 [iPhone and Android]
security and login
Step4. Now, click on the change password.

How to Change Facebook Password 2020 [iPhone and Android]
change password
Step5. Here, The first option you will have to enter the current password. And, enter a new password in the second and third box.

Step6. Complete all the text field and click on save changes.

How to Change Facebook Password 2020 [iPhone and Android]
save changes
Step7. In the end, you will get either log out existing device or stay logged in.

If you think that someone knows your Facebook account password then it is better to select log out the existing device. Your Facebook account will be removed from any other device.

But, if you just change the password to remind you easies than you do not need to log out from other devices. You just simply select stay logged in.

Change Facebook password on iPhone

Moreover, there is an easy way for iPhone users to change their Facebook password from their device. Most iPhone users find it difficult to change their Facebook password in their device. But, there is quite a change in the procedure, but are almost the same. Here, you find it difficult to change your Facebook account in your device.

Go through the steps below.

Step1. Open the Facebook application and click on the three-lines that are on the top right corner of the screen.

Step2. Now, scroll down and you will see settings & privacy. Tap on it.

Step3. And, you will see settings, tap on it.

Step4. Click on the security and log in to open it.

Step5. Further, you have to find the login and tap on the change password.

Step6. You have to fill the text field for a password. Fill the current password, new password, and retype the password. Once done, now tap on save changes. 

Step7. Select either you want to stay logged in or log out from the existing account.

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 That’s complete guide

To sum up, changing the Facebook password is not a big deal. It is very simple and easy to do, follow the steps below. Moreover, if you find ant kind of issue or wanted to give you feedback than you can have us in the comment section below.

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