How to Check Graphic Card in Windows 10 – Easiest Way

How to Check Graphic Card in Windows 10
How to Check Graphic Card in Windows 10

In this article, you will learn the complete procedure on How to Check Graphic Card in Windows 10 is the easiest way. As a computer, everybody knows that Graphic Card plays a role model on the performance of any PC. However, most of the gamers need good graphic card so that they can play any game with facing lag. Not only the gamer, the one who works on Premiere or Photoshop also needs a quality graphic card. Furthermore, if you are a gamer then you will obviously need your PC according to the game configuration. Therefore, when someone is going to buy a new laptop, then there is no way to open the computer physically and check the Graphic Card. That’s why I am here to help you to check the complete configuration of your Computer including graphic card.

There are different methods in Windows for checking the Graphic card and its model. Keep in mind that, we are going to use any third-party software for checking the graphic. Because we have a simple option in Windows 10 which completely allows us to have complete information about the computer.

What is Graphic Card?

As every part of your machine perform a specific task on the computer. For example, RAM (Random Access Memory) can control the memory whenever you open the various software on your computer. And processor can perform a specific task. Anyhow, every part is useful for the computer so the same we have the Graphic Card in our system

However, Graphic card can pretty control the video quality and game performance on any computer. If your PC has amazing video quality then it is all about for the graphic card. The performance of the game in the PC is also dependent on the graphic card. That much good graphic card you will have then better video quality you will get on your system. If you have installed stronger graphic card then you will have a realistic display and as well as in video game.

How to Check Graphic Card in Windows 10

How to Check Graphic Card in Windows 10
How to Check Graphic Card in Windows 10

The procedure is pretty easy and straightforward even for the newbie. Therefore, the method or procedure will work for the Laptop, Desktop PC, and all versions of Windows. Therefore, you have to follow the easy and simple steps below in order to find and check the graphic card in Windows 10.

Step 1. First of all, you need to turn on your PC and click on the Windows start menu which is located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 2. In the start menu, at the search bar, you have to type dxdiag then you will see the icon with dxdiag written on it. So, make sure to click on that one in order to open the window.

Open the dxdiag

Step 3. Once the dxdiag window opens. At the very first option you have system information. There you will get each and everything about your computer. In easy words, complete information about like the computeroperating system, process, memory, and much more. If you want to get enough information about your computer then you have to go through the system option.

Step 4. For the purpose of this article, we want to check the graphic card installed on Windows 10. Therefore, you have to click on the Display from the top of the page. So, the display is the place where you can see and check all information about your graphic card.

Graphic card information

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That’s all about How to Check Graphic Card in Windows 10 – Easiest Way. You have gotten enough information about the graphic card and checking it on Windows 10. I hope you have gotten something from the article. If you have faced any problem or question then drop a comment in the comment section below.

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