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How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows

How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows

first of all, The word RAM stands for “Random Access Memory”. IT is a very fast and temporary data storage space that every computer needs to access. How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows. In this article. we will talk about It may sound mysterious but RAM is one of the fundamental elements of a computer. The features of the computer are always loading to make it work on. In other words, RAM is a short-term memory inside the computer. The computer’s hard dist and SSD is the long term memory where we can store more or less memory permanently. Every computer has a RAM, whether it is a desktop computer, a smartphone or tablet, or any computing device such as smartTV. Mostly all computers have a way of storing information for long term access.  And, the working process is done in RAM.

Moreover, if you want to save anything for later working, you have to put into a desk drawer or you can as well store it on a hard disk. It is very fast for any computing device about storing the information.

How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows

Restart your Computer

Restarting your computer is very easy and also everyone knows about it. Any device that gets the slow first thing that we have to do is to restart the device. It will automatically clear the RAM memory and restart all the running apps. And, do not worry it will not increase the total RAM of your computer. It will clear and clean all the process that was there for consuming your RAM. It is a must to restart your computer in a regular period of time because your computer gets slow on time. Further, people who use the computer a lot has to give a restart to their computer on time. The easiest and best way to clear up your computer is to give a restart to your computer.

Check your Task Manager

Checking your task manager is any other best way to clear memory and boost RAM. Moreover, you to remember that there should not be any application that should consume your entire RAM memory. Look for apps in the task manager and you will see all the apps. So, Look for the apps that you do not need in your computer but have consumed your device’s RAM memory. If you find the extra applications than you have to uninstall it.

Increase RAM System

One of the essential things to free up your memory is by installing more RAM inside your device. If you do not have much RAM inside your computer then you have to just run the important apps. Thus, you have to add more RAM to your computer. Most of the PC users think that RAM is very expensive but it’s worth it. You will see a great performance after installing more RAM in your computer.  If you are a desktop user then it is very easy to add more RAM in your device.

But. if you are a laptop user then it’s a little bit hard to install RAM on your laptop. Without consulting the RAM do not try to install it in your Laptop most people will end up disappointing about their decisions.

How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows

No heavy apps

Further, you should not use heavy apps that consume more space. If your computer has less RAM memory then it is a must to have light apps in your device. But, you should not lose the essential apps of your computer. For example, Chrome, Word, and many more.  For situations like this, you can use light apps instead. Most of the computers have photoshop which is a very heavy app and takes a lot of RAM memory space. Consequently, you can use a paint app instead of a heavy photoshop application and a lot more light apps.

And, sometimes there is no solution like you will not find light apps for your device. In such cases, you must close the heavy apps after you complete your work. make confirm that the app is not running in the task manager.


How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows

Clear memory

Step1.  Delete large files from your computer.

Step2. Use Disk Cleanup

  • Click on the “start” button and type “disk cleanup” in the search field and tap on it.

    How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows
    Disk Cleanup
  • It will ask you which hard drive you want to clean up in case of having more than one hard drive. Find the drive, select.
  • Click on “ok” and delete files.

    How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows
    Select the files and tap ok

Boost RAM

Step1. Go to “control panel” and tap on the “system“.

Step2.  Tap on “Advanced system settings” on the left.

Step3. Tap on Advanced and click on settings under “performance

How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows
Advanced system settings

Step4. Once again tap on Advanced and click on change.

How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows

Step5. Now uncheck the “ automatically manage paging file size for all the devices“.

Step6. And, now the best for the initial size box is 24576 and the minimum size box is 32768 to type.

Step7. Click on settings and then click on OK.

How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows

Step8. At last, you have to click ok restart now.


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To close up

At last, here is the best of “How to Clear Memory and Boost RAM on Windows”. These steps will help you to free up your device and work softly. if you find any kind of issue regarding the article or wanted to give your feedback, you can have in the comment section.

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