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How to Download and Install Safari Browser on Windows 10

Install Safari on Windows 10
Install Safari on Windows 10

As you know that in the current era, most of the people who are using computers use Windows 10 as their actual computer. Windows operating system has many lovers and millions of users. The use is increasing on a daily basis. It has very incredible and cool features that many users love to use. However, the number of Windows users is increasing day by day the demands of them are also increasing. Because some of them want macOS Features in Windows 10. Some of the user really wants to use apps of macOS on Windows 10 which is completely possible. Therefore, in the guide, I will be showing you How to Download and Install Safari Browser on Windows 10.

Safari is a browser for Mac which we have Google Chrome in Windows 10. In Safari the user can easily download something and open websites. In Mac, using Safari you can find a lot of things in it such as songs, videos, articles, websites, and so on. The main thing is that Safari is particularly for the Mac. But most of the Mac needs and wants to use Google Chrome. Therefore, we are really curious to use Safari on Windows 10.

Due to the lack of interest of the user, Apple doesn’t support Safari on Windows 10.  In Windows, some of the people don’t like to use Safari that’s why it is supportable. Before the 2012 Apple used to support Safari for Windows and Windows users could use it with its full features. But after 2012 Apple stopped to support Safari for Windows anymore. If you are Windows users and using it daily then it doesn’t really matter whether you are using Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10. You can download and install Safari without restriction.

Google is a search engine but Safari is a just browser. You can still find the proper answer for your work, school, educational questions, health, and much more. It is very unique from Google Chrome because you will see totally different displays in Safari than Google. However, I have used both of them and both of them are really usable and best for the users. In Safari you can ask the question with proper grammar and spelling then Safari will give you all the answers which are related to your question. If you are using Mac then you obviously know that Safari is the default browser of Mac which gives almost of the Apple product. It doesn’t mean that you can download and install on Windows 10.

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How to Install Safari on Windows 10

Before going to install Safari on Windows 10. First of all, we need to download the setup from a trustable website. Click on the link given below then make sure to select any version which you want to install on your Windows. But if you go through the latest version of Safari then you will have all functionalities of Safari on your Windows 10 PC.  Because by default it is recommended the latest version of Safari.

  • Download Safari for Windows 10
Safari Latest Version

Step 1. You need to wait until the downloading process is finished. When the downloading process has finished then you need to double-click on the downloaded setup. Then you will see the welcome screen of Safari, make sure to click on the Next to continue.

Welcome to Safari

Step 2. Another window will be opened. There you need to agree with the terms and conditions of Safari. If you want to read it then you can go for it. And you need to tick mar the I accept the terms in the license agreement then click on the Next.

License Agreement

Step 3. After that, choose the installation option for the Safari. You need to tick mark the both option and click Next.

Installation Options

Step 4. choose the destination where you want to install Safari and click Install.

Install Destination

Step 5. Now, you need to wait until the installation process completes.

Install Safari on Windows 10.
Installing Safari

Step 6. When the installation is complete. You need to click Finish to finish the all process and start using Safari.

Install Safari on Windows 10.

Great! you have successfully downloaded and installed Safari on Windows 10. Now, you can enjoy using Safari on your Windows 10.

Install Safari on Windows 10
Install Safari on Windows 10

Last Words

I really enjoy using Safari and Google Chrome on Windows 10. Both of them are the best to search for something. Both of them have their own splendid features. However, I have totally covered How to Download and Install Safari Browser on Windows 10. Some of the people are saying it is not possible to use Safari latest version. But from this guide you can install Safari latest version.

If you faced problems while installing Safari then feel free to drop comments in the comment section below. However, have any questions, suggestions, feedback about the article then drop a comment.

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