How to Download Instagram Photos & Videos Android

How to Download Instagram Photos & Videos Android

On this page, we will talk about “How to Download Instagram Photos & Videos Android”. Instagram is an app for your smartphone and it is one of the greatest applications nowadays. It has billions of active users every day and a platform to be in touch with our loved ones. Instagram is free up for both Android and iOS and it is an app of free online sharing app and social network platform. Further, This application acquired by Facebook in 2012. Thi application allows its users to edit and upload photos and short videos through your mobile phone. With their post, they add captions, hashtags, and location geotags to mark their posts searchable and let the other users within the app. And, each of the posts remains in the user’s profile feed and the public can view them.

Users can as well set their accounts to private that their followers can only view them. Further, like any other app, on Instagram, you can as well like, comment, bookmark any post, and as well they can send private messages to your friends. Instagram is not only a source of communicating but it is a great platform for business. The photo-sharing app offers an opportunity to start a free business in order to promote their stock or brand. And, companies with business have access to free management. All over the world, Instagram has over 1 million advertisers to share their stories and derive business results. Apparently, 60% of the advertisers say that they discover new products through the app Instagram. 

Moreover, most people find a problem to download any picture or video from their phone. You may know that you can not directly save any picture or video within the app. Most people take screenshots while they want to have a picture from Instagram. But, there are other ways to download posts on your phone and that will happen when you will download the apps that should be capable of download posts. Now follow the steps below to download any picture or video inside your phone. 

How to Download Instagram Photos & Videos Android

  1. The Instagram app should be open on your phone. 
  2. Download any Instagram video downloader.
  3. Now open your Instagram and copy the link of the post you want to download.  Click on three dots at the right top of the post. 
  4. Visit the Instagram video downloader app and click on the URL. You will see a search bar, paste the URL and the downloading process will start.
    How to Download Instagram Photos & Videos Android
    Paste the URL
  5. Click on save the image and click on download.
    Click on Download
  6. And, you will have the photo or video in your gallery.

you will do the same thing with video. Just copy the link and paste it on the other app and you will have it downloading

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Final Words

It was all about “How to Download Instagram Photos & Videos on Android”. And, it is all the same with most of the Instagram video downloader. Because all needed is the URL of the paste and you can have it with the post itself. o, if you find any kind of issue or wanted to give feedback regarding our post then you can have us in the comment section below.



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