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How to Enable Keyboard Typing Sounds in Windows 10

How to Enable Keyboard Typing Sounds in Windows 10

Most of the touch devices provide audio or haptic feedback when anyone types something on them. This feedback can be quite helpful when there are no actual physical keys that you can press. Although many of the users desire to disable this feedback. If you think that you have found audio feedback useful for your keypress or want to enable keyboard typing sounds on Windows 10. Moreover, it is easy to find the built-in option that allows you for the touch keyboard. If you do not have a touch screen then you have to have a third-party application in order to enable keyboard typing for physical typing. There are not so many apps that enable keyboard typing sounds. 

Microsoft already prefers some physical feedback on some devices or any haptic feedback on others. Both give you touchable flash when typing when you start typing on a touch screen or if you type on some other things. Moreover, both of them are quite awesome, that nothing can beat the clicky typing of sound on other devices. If you want to have the sound of a physical keyboard, you can enable these sounds with the “Ease of Access” in settings. For the users who are already typing on a physical keyboard, this is as well available for them too. In case, if you need some clicky sounds for yourself.

If your windows, you have a feature by the name of Ease of Access which you can call Filter Keys too. When you enable “Ease of Acess” in your setting, your keyboard will have a sound while typing on it. 

How to enable Keyboard Typing Sounds in Windows 10

Step1. Go to settings or on the left corner of your desktop screen, you will see windows tap on it. And, type “Ease of access” in the search bar.

Step2. From your search, you will have “Ease of access” appear among the options, click on it.

How to Enable Keyboard Typing Sounds in Windows 10
Ease of Access

Step3. Inside the keyboard setting window, you have to scroll down to the filter key section.

Step4. Under the use filter keys tile, switch on the toggle button. 

How to enable Keyboard Typing Sounds in Windows 10
Click on the second option

 Step5. Check the “Beeps when keys are pressed or accepted”. And, close the windows.

And, if you again changed your mind to turn off the keyboard sound. So, you can simply over the check from ” Beep when keys are pressed or accepted.” 

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Last lines

In this article, we talked about “How to Enable Keyboard Typing Sounds in Windows 10”. There is no more option for these from settings. So, you can download apps from Google in order two have more different sounds while typing on your keyboard. So, if you find any kind of issue or wanted to give your feedback than you can have us in the comment section below.



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