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How to Enable Spell Checker on Android Phone


Through this post, we are going to go through How to Enable Spell Checker on Android Phone. You might have experienced, corrections made by auto-correct are not always right. It may give opposite words or any other word that does not match your sentence. So, it can be annoying too. Spell checker has different names in devices. For example, in Android its name is “spelling correction”, Stock Android phones its name is “spell checker” and on iPhone, it is called “Oreo”. The spell checker does not automatically correct your words but instead, it suggests some better words from the suggested list. And, it will just help you with your writing skill.

In addition, you as well know that spell checker is available on most of the Android phones. But, it depends on the phone’s manufacture because it may have a different location or may have a different name. Here are some steps that you can enable spell checker on your Android devices or tablets.

How to Enable Spell Checker on Android Phone

Step 1. Get to the settings or simply pull down the notification shade and click on the gear icon.

open settings
open settings

Step 2. Scroll down and click on the Languages and input. And, then click on-screen keyboard.

Step 3. Tap on Samsung keyboard which is located under Keyboards and input methods.

Step 4. Tap on the Smart typing and then click on the Auto spell-check.

Step 5. And, then toggle on the auto-correct option.

Finally: Type something on the SMS interface to check whether its working or not.

Note: By toggling off the spell checker may make you from identifying your mistakes that you usually make it while typing.

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This was a little help for you on How to Enable Spell Checker on Android Phone. We have brought you the easiest way to enable spell checker for making your statements better. If you have any kind of issue you any write it below in the comment section and give your feedback too.

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