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How to Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone in 2020

How to Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone in 2020

In this place, I am going to guide you easiest way on How to Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone in 2020. Uploading a video on YouTube is no more difficult but for the beginners, it looks somewhat tough. Every YouTuber wants several ways of uploading video using different platforms. Uploading from PC and Android is very straightforward and very because they got habitual of such things. There are people that they don’t want to send their video in PC for uploading because it wastes much time of a person. Therefore, they directly want to upload from iPhone or iPad. There might be some beginner users who don’t know how to edit video on PC and might be an app on iPhone for editing then you have to upload directly to their YouTube channel. Even they get stuck while uploading. So, I will show you the perfect way.

YouTube is a video platform, there are millions of videos and tons of people are searching for anything on got stuck in their daily life. Nowadays, it is a good source of education which most of people are learning too much about what they are studying. Fortunately, from YouTube, you can earn beautiful money by uploading the daily videos. Once your video got viral then no one can stop you from earning money. It has 2Billion monthly active users that’s why it is known as one of the leading websites in the world after Google. You can also easily find billions of videos such as Games, Movies, Music, and much more. But most of people are using it for earning money which became the passion of them.

If you are beginner YouTube and want to upload videos from iPhone then this article will pretty help at any angle. Amazingly, we are not going to use any third-party app for uploading videos to YouTube from the iPhone. Because we have a pretty easy option on iPhone and iPad but some of them really don’t know the actual way of uploading. And it doesn’t need any powerful requirement for uploading a video because it needs only a simple network connection and of course an iPhone. It has a very simple method and procedure of uploading a video from the iPhone and iPad. However, make sure to get some basic information before jumping to steps.

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Which Video Format you can Upload to Youtube?

Before uploading a video to YouTube from iPhone, first of all, you must know that which format does YouTube accepts. As you might know that every platform has its rule and the same YouTube has. However, most of the time YouTube supports video formats such as MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WebM, FLV, 3GP, MPEG, MWV. In this case, you need to be pretty careful while exporting video from any software you are using.

Requirements for Uploading a Video to YouTube

In order to upload your video to YouTube, then you need to create a Gmail which is one of the most necessary things. You might have a Gmail for yourself because everyone has its own personal Gmail. But if you don’t have a Gmail and you even don’t know how to create a Gmail. Then no worries, one of our friend has created a step by step guide for creating a Gmail account. Therefore, you have click on the link in order to have the instruction for creating a Gmail in a very simple way.

Once you have successfully created a Gmail account then you need to open the App Store And make sure to download YouTube App from there. After that, you need to sign in with the Gmail which you have created and make a YouTube Channel which is very easy and simple.

How to Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone

It is the perfect option when you want to upload a video to YouTube from the iPhone. I am sure that the Camera Roll app is available in every version of the iPhone.  With the help of Camera Roll, you are able to upload every kind of video. If you don’t know what is camera roll, in easy words, Camera Roll is an app in which you use it for taking pictures and video recording. Therefore, make sure to follow the steps below to upload a video with a camera roll,

Step 1. First of all, you need to take your iPhone and make sure to open the Camera Roll from the home page. And tap on the All Photos which is under the main button.

How to Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone
Camera Roll

Step 2. Once you open the Camera Roll and select the video which you want to upload to YouTube. And keep in mind that, you can’t upload more than one video at once but you can upload one by one.

Step 3. Now, on the selected video tap on the save and share icon and scroll down until you find a YouTube icon and tap on it.

How to Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone

Step 4.  Whenever you click on youtube then a screen will appear. There you need to sign in with your Gmail account which you have created a channel with that.

Sign in with Gmail

Step 5.  After that, the YouTube app automatically will be opened. That will be the last step. Therefore, you need to give a proper title, description, tag, and add a thumbnail. Once you have done each and everything then make sure to tap on the Publish.

How to Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone
Publish Video

Step 6. After publishing, you will start to be published. If your video is long then it will be upload late and if it is short then it doesn’t take much time. Anyhow, you have to wait for some minutes in order to be published.

To sum up

That’s all about How to Upload Videos to YouTube From iPhone in 2020. The method is explained pretty well and step by step. Now, it is very easy for uploading a video to YouTube since Camera Roll is on iPhone. I am pretty sure that this method will work on all iOS devices and all versions.  And it will even work on iPad devices as well. And I hope you have gotten something useful from this article. If you faced any problem while uploading a video to YouTube then please do comment in the comment section below. I will try my best to find a perfect solution.

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