iPhone 12: Price, Design, and Feature

iPhone 12: Price, Design, and Feature


iPhone is a touchscreen-based company design by Apple company. It is a multinational company that is located in California. This company designs sells, develops, computer software, consumer electronics, and online services. It is one of the biggest companies of all time besides Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. This company’s hardware is the iPhone which is its smartphone, the iPad which the tablet, the computer mac. iPod portable media player, Its smartwatch is the Apple Watch, AirPods which the wireless earphones. Apple TV digital media player, and its speaker which is Homepod.

This company has millions of volunteers because its devices are super classy and virus free. Moreover, this company is providing products that no other common would ever have. As compared to other companies, the products of this company are more expensive. As this company, launched one design phone per year and that one design is divided into three sections as following few back years.

 iPhone has finally announced its iPhone of the year and the new phone of the year iPhone 12. In this phone, you are having major updates including the first iPhone design since 2017. Here we are having a four-strong range of iPhone 12 models and having different screen sizes. iPhone 12 is a good feature and very beautiful and having a good packing with some groundbreaking tech. This phone does not have a lot of changes in shape or design as compare to the iPhone 11. But yeah, it is obvious that there are changes in features between these two phones. this year’s iPhone has the strongest qualities and features. Everyone was super excited and was waiting for the iPhone 12 to be launched.

iPhone 12: Price, Design, and Feature
iPhone 12: Price, Design, and Feature

iPhone 12: Release, Price, and Design


There is no reason to think that the new phones will be more expensive than the previous line-up. iPhone has always been more expensive every time they laches a new iPhone. The small iPhone has low price than the other and the smaller has the screen of 5.4 Inch model screen. The price of an iPhone 12 is $879.00. And, the price of the iPhone 12 pro is $1299.00 and you as well order from Amazon. This phone is one of the best smartphones in 2020. The price of these iPhones is more flexible than other smartphones. And, there is a possibility that the price of this product can change right until the last moment. 


The company Apple is determined as having the best classy designs for its product. It has a very classy design and model that every one like to prefer one. They have a special design for every individual product but not only for smartphones. The model of iPhone 12 is much more similar to iPhone 1, there is not so much change in its appearance. But, have changed in the feature than the iPhone 11. iPhone 12 has now the most received one of the highest reviews of the year. 

iPhone 12: Price, Design, and Feature
iPhone 12: Price, Design, and Feature


It has the feature of having one of the most powerful and A14 bionic processors. And, dual rare cameras, 5G and MegaSafe feature that allows the phone to connect with any other mobile accessories magnitically. As the main focus of the new phone will be the camera But they do the design in normal ways. And, it is the only phone on earth that supports 5G and to cross all the different iPhones. The new iPhone has the feature that it has a different camera system on the front that will reduce the size of the notch. AS always, This phone rolls out a new and better processor than the previous phones. 


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iPhone is one of the most wanted smartphones that everyone wants to have one. And, these were all the information about the iPhone 12 that I could find and provide. So, if you find any kind of issue or wanted to give your feedback you can have us in the comment section.




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